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Thanks for stopping by. My name is Nina Anderson. Take a look around my website and get to know my work. If you want to drop me a line you can contact me at

About Nina's Custom Confections

I know why you're really here...for the cake! What's a party without a cake? Most people can't wait until dessert! I know the kids can't! Parties by Nina creates cakes that not only look good but are moist and delicious as well.

Cakes can be ordered in 8" round, 12" round, 16" round, 1/4 sheet, 1/2 sheet, 12" square, and combination sizes. They can be one, two, or three layers; flat or tiered; and the cake, filling, and icing choices are up to you! Gluten free and egg substitute cakes are available as well. This is your party; you should definitely get what YOU want! Cupcakes, cookies, trifles, triple chocolate brownie sheets, and an assortment of other treats are also available upon request.

So what size cake DO you need? The chart below gives an approximation of how many people can be served with decent size slices. If you want large square pieces, you may need a bigger cake. If you cut small "wedding slices" you can stretch the number served. Remember, not everyone eats cake at a party - their loss!

8 in round double layer ~ 10 people

1/4 sheet (9" x 13") single layer ~ 12-15 people

1/4 sheet (9" x 13") double layer ~ 25 - 30 people

1/2 sheet (13" x 18") single layer ~ 25 - 30 people

12 in square double layer ~ 40-45 people

1/2 sheet (13" x 18") double layer ~ 55 -80 people

1/2 sheet (13" x 18") triple layer ~ 90 -125 people

These servings represent approximately 1" x 4" slices.

(The slices you get at weddings are approximately 1/2" x 3 ".)

Tiered cakes vary on their size.

Pricing Information

Since all items are home made, I cannot quote prices until I know exactly what you want and how long it will take. Below, please find a range of prices for various sized cakes. Prices
may be higher or lower depending on flavor/filling choices and intricacy of design/decoration. Two layer cakes are approximately 4"-5" in height. Please email your order request for exact pricing information. Remember, this is a custom confection that is "edible art!"

8" or 9" Round (two layers) - $45-$65

12" Round (one layer) - $85-$110

1/4 Sheet (one layer) - $65-$80

1/4 Sheet (two layers) - $85-$125

1/2 Sheet (one layer) - $75-$95

12" Round or Square (two layers) - $95-$150

1/2 Sheet (two layers) - $100-$175

Email for pricing on 3 layer and tiered cakes.

Chocolate chip cookie, Oreo, or M & M cookie border - $15

Basket Weave Border - $50

Add $10 for crushed cookie or chocolate chip filling add ins.

Add $25-$35 for fresh fruit filling.